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Why leave the USA to go on a missions trip when there is plenty to do right here in the USA? 

Volunteering in our own mission field is a great way to spend time in the summer. 


Adult Christian Volunteers are key to the success of our camps.

Each year, we need leaders for the 5 stations: Crafts, Music, Snacks, Games, and Bible Teaching.  

Additionally, Group Leaders are needed to lead the children from station to station.  These individuals are great mentors who have a big impact on imparting the truths of Jesus to the children.


Many of our leaders return year after year and look forward to camp as much as the campers!



Teen Volunteers have been a true blessing to our camps!


Teens assist the station leaders and group leaders as well as help with many behind the scenes jobs.  Mature teens  need to be 14 years old or older and be able to focus on the children they are serving.  Yes! It is fun to work with other teens and adults, however, the main focus is on the campers.  All teen volunteers must be approved by the director and are required to go through one of the orientation sessions which will be held on the Saturday before each camp week.


Teens will enjoy being part of a team that introduces Jesus into the lives of the children.  Although some kids are already part of the kingdom of God, for others it might be their first time learning about the Bible.


*helps teach responsibility

*makes a difference in the lives of others

*is rewarding, knowing that you do have the power to change things for the better.

Other ways to help at Celebrate Jesus Vacation Bible Camps.

1.   Setting up tables, chairs, and tents

2.  Raking and clearing property for the camps
3.  Cooking / preparing food
4.  Preparing crafts
5.  Help with parking / traffic
6.  Be in the skits as part of our drama team

7.  Be our Camp Photographer


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